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The wicked prince

on Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:47 pm

The Wicked Prince

The story is about a wicked and mighty prince, who has already conquered all his neighboring countries, wants to conquer God. He starts two war to the God but win neither of them. In the last war, God sent a gnat and this gnat flew into the prince's ear and drove him mad.

In a place where the prince gains all the power and the only one who can defeat him is the God in the heaven.

1. The prince: wicked, mighty, arrogant, greedy, and can't adapt failure He torches the neighboring kings, want to have more and more power, and keep starting the second war after he is defeated by a single drop of blood from one of the numberless angel.
2. The gnat: small and weak, but defeat the prince.

1. You can't be greedy: In the story, the king is not fulfilled by what he already had (which is already a lot), and even want to conquer God. But at the end, the prince lost everything he had because of his greed. This lesson can also find in our real life. For example, the coruption of these government officers is caused by their greed and may let them lost everything they have.
2. You should adapt your failure some time: In the story, the prince had already be defeated by the God once before he finally was destroyed by the God. He didn't adapt his first failure although we can easily figure out that it's impossible to him to defeat the God. He used another 7 years to built a better ship and gain a worse failure. In our real life, sometimes there is something that we can never be achieve, for example as a foreigner I can never be the president of China. If I do not adpat this fact and keep working on it, I am just wasting my life.

1. Chanllenging the God. "Odyssey"
2. Powerful man made weapon. "

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Re: The wicked prince

on Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:47 pm
The prince is obviously a villian archetype and the symbolic representation of greed. That said, what archetypal role do you believe the gnat fulfills? What could the gnat be a symbolic representation for? Is there a deeper lesson displayed by the defeat of the prince at the "hands" of the gnat?
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Re: The wicked prince

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:22 pm
I agree the idea of "adapt the failure", it is very important because everyone in the world will encounter failure, if we don't know the way to adapt the failure, we will stuck on a specific failure and stop us to achieve our goal. If we adapt our failure every time, we will know how to prevent to fail on the same thing next time, it can also help us to achieve our goal instead of stuck on one failure.
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Re: The wicked prince

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