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The peasant, the snake and the fox Empty The peasant, the snake and the fox

on Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:39 pm
The peasant, the snake and the fox

Once upon a time there was a snake who got trapped under a large boulder, the peasant agreed to save it on the promise that the snake would not bite him. However, once the snake got out he tried to betray the peasant. So they went to ask others about their opinion on the saying that "Every good deed is rewarded by an evil one." If other agrees with this saying, the snake gets to bit the man. And vice versa, the peasant will be safe. The first two they asked both agreed, so the peasant requested to ask a third person - the fox. The fox agreed to help the peasant under the promise that it will recieve rewards for its help. So the fox helped the peasant trap the snake back under the large boulder. However, the fox was not repaid by the promised rewards, but by the peasant betraying it.

Setting: /

1 The peasant: A kind-hearted character at first, but then became cunning after recieving help from the fox and betrays the fox. He shows both the bad and good side of humans by his changes through the story.
2 The snake: The villian character who betrays his promise at the start, but then agrees to take a challenge and was finally trapped back under a large boulder. The villian who ultimately gets punished for betraying it's promise.
3 The fox: A character who agreed to make a deal with the peasant after listening to the rewards, but was then betrayed by the peasant and ran away sulkly. A seemingly smart character who was then tricked.

1 Don't judge a book by its cover
At the beginning of the story, the peasant appears to be the hero and the snake being the villian. But as the story nears the end, we see that the peasant has become the villian and the fox the good guy. Even though at first glance we would think that the snake and the fox would be the evil one and the peasant being the good one, it wasn't true in the story. It reminds us when we first meet new people, we might be only able to see one's appearance. But sometimes the 'cover' misleads you and put yourself into danger. Just like in the story when the peasant helped the snake and also again when the peasant betrayed the fox. So when we need to interact with strangers , we need to be aware to not just judge but the looks and to be cautious in believing everything a stranger says.

2 Be intelligent but not bad / be kind-hearted but not ignorant
3 Learn to protect yourselves and also not harm others
We can see that all character are somewhat intelligent in the story. The snake tricking the peasant to save it, the peasant persuading the fox with a reward, the fox trapping the snake back into the hole. Nevertheless, all three characters were tricked by another character in the story. So we can learn from the story that even if your're smart, it doesn't mean that you wouldn't be tricked by others. It is always possible for anyone to get tricked, so we must be aware to be able to protect ourselves. However, that also doesn't mean that we could never trust others and use our intelligence to hurt others.

1 The unexpected turn (betrayal)
2 A choice the hero (good character) makes that stands between good and bad
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The peasant, the snake and the fox Empty Re: The peasant, the snake and the fox

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:30 pm
It's a fact that we can not judge a book by its cover, we can not identify its content and its value, maybe the content itself can help us to achieve our goal, give us the key to become success. If we judge it by its cover, we won't get the key to achieve our goal. It's the same idea of judging people by its face, sometimes, the people who can really help you will pass you and never come back again. That's why we can'not judge thing by just looking its surface, we have to look deeper to find the real value.
Albert Jianglai
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The peasant, the snake and the fox Empty Re: The peasant, the snake and the fox

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:03 pm
The most effective way to protect yourself is to be stronge enought or have a stronge mind to ignore some mean words someone said to you.It is a human natural to define a person good or bad , stronge or weak by looking at their apperance,even we knew that judge a book by it's cover was definitely not good ,we stiil keep doing this.So what i thought the solution is to be stronge or you got a relly calm mind and determination.
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The peasant, the snake and the fox Empty About the themes

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:41 pm
I do agree the themes examined. The 3 themes are good lessons to be learned and remembered throughout our lives. For the first theme analyzed, "do not judge a book cover" besides what is said, it also remind us to spend time on observing(before judging) and pay attention to what is other's purpose. In the second theme, the fable is trying to tell us a good quality/virtue for being a human. The third theme reminds us to be careful with others’ purpose. The peasant used to be a good person filled with kindness but after being betrayed by the snake the peasant transferred into someone like the snake, a betrayer, which cause him to betray the fox after utilizing it. If the fox does spend time observing would the consequent incident happened? Like the saying in the story “Every good deed rewarded by an evil one”, in reality, although kindness is a good characteristic advocated in many culture, we should still pay attention to our environment in order to protect ourselves.
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The peasant, the snake and the fox Empty Re: The peasant, the snake and the fox

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