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Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from? Empty Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from?

on Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:18 pm
Amir’s attitude towards Hassan is complicated. He likes Hassan, but is unwilling to sacrifice for him. He justifies his reason for not helping Hassan by saying that Hassan is only a Hazzara, but he feels so guilty that he cannot even sleep at night. The conflicting character of Amir might stem from the environment that he was brought up.

Since little, Amir has had a “friend” that serves him. As Rahim says, “you don’t order someone to polish your shoes one day and call them ‘sister’ the the next.”, it is difficult for one to change their perception for another person. If this is difficult already, it must be impossible for a child to recognize a single person that have two identities without confusion. Little Amir had to accept a friend to polish his shoe and a servant to play with him at the same time. As if it is not enough a struggle, whenever Amir walks into the street, he sees others treating Hazzaras badly. Children mimic others’ behaviors. This is how they learn. However kind Amir might be, the actions and words will remain in his subconscious, unable to be cleansed.

As Rahim says, “the world always wins.”, Amir chooses to partly conform to the society. When Amir’s other friends, the more “authentic” ones, are around, he never lets Hassan join them. When he sees Amir being insulted, he runs away, using Hassan being a Hazzara (and therefore not worthy of protecting) as an excuse. However, some part of him treats Hassan as a friend, and so he suffers from his decision to conform to the society. He was sitting on the fence for a long time, and he finally decides to go the other side of the fence by sending off Hassan and Ali.

If Amir’s complicated character does stem from his environment, it is also possible that some children being disrespectful has a connection with them being served by people older than them. When parents are unable to look after their kids, they often hire someone to help them instead. If a kid lives with a person who is older yet submissive to him, he might be confused of how to treat others, just like how Amir doesn’t know how to treat Hassan, which is harmful to their development of characters.
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Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from? Empty Re: Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from?

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:40 am
As we talked before in R&G, some people are oblivious to their environment, as well as their identity in the world. This is the case with Amir in the story.

Eventually, we should not condemn Amir based on which type of decision, but rather condemn him because he is not brave enough to make any sort of choices. Some of the most cruel choices are most often the right ones. And that is what is making the world this sh*thole--a bunch of people who do not the balls to have a proper opinion and choice.
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Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from? Empty Re: Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from?

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:32 pm
Iagree that Amir cannot really distinguish between only just a friend and being a servant. In the text, somebody has said that even Amir thought Hasaan as his friend, he didn't invite Hasaan to any of the game that Amir had with his friend but only played with him privately. This shows that Amir can't really find out whether Hasaan is his servant or his friend, which one does he more up to.
In the real world, it is also important that parents take care of their children on their own because not only they understand their children the best, but also letting grandparents or ayi to take care of them might have a unchangable effect because of the idiology differnece
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Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from? Empty Re: Where Does Amir’s Conflicting Character Stem from?

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