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Oral Narratives Empty Oral Narratives

on Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:25 am
11 Lit. Oral Narratives Analysis & Discussion.

Formatting members will post the initial analysis and discussion format.

Afterwards, each group will post their oral narrative, a link to the narrative, and their analysis w/ Bloom's Taxonomy questions.

Below is your discussion prompt and the checklist that you must fulfill.

Discussion Prompt: Examine the themes and motifs in the selected oral narrative. What is this oral narrative meant to teach its listeners/readers? Explain what led you to this conclusion using summarized textual evidence.
• Discussion posts will be at a minimum 300 words.
• Discussion replies will be at least 150 words.
• Posts will utilize detailed event sequencing and logical progression.
• Posts will show evidence of critical thinking (refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy for help!)
• Reread your post to ensure clarity and to correct spelling/grammar mistakes.
• Each student will reply to 3 other student’s posts before the end of this unit.
• Replies should facilitate further discussion, contain higher level thinking, and analysis the topic/themes at hand.
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