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Concept of Existentialism in Context by Miles.W Empty Concept of Existentialism in Context by Miles.W

on Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:22 pm
When we discuss “existentialism,” we will usually think of “essentialism,” which is the opposite of “existentialism.” The concept of “essentialism” that essence precedes existence is different from “existentialism,” “Essentialism” might be proper to be applied on objects, which usually exist for some determined purpose or the so-called “essence.” For example, the knife that the soldiers use on the battlefield would not exist with meaning if it loses its blade, which is its essence. However, when we come to the subject of human, which is way more complicated because we possess the subjective consciousness. Human beings firstly exist in the world without the determined fate; we would seeking the reason for our living as we grow up.
As we discuss the philosophical concept in the context of the book, we should first clarify or at least make an assumption on the proposition that whether an android is something that is equally complicated as a human. If we put our view on the “Nexus 6” type of the android, the reply would probably be “yes.” We could find that their intellectual degree has reached the level of human’s. They are trying to find the essence for themselves. In the confession of Luba Luft, she stated that she had always been imitating human beings. She said in chapter twelve: “Ever since I got here from Mars my life has consisted of imitating the human doing what she would do...as far as I’m concerned, a superior life form.” Being an almost-human-like android, Luba’s essence is to be a complete human. This purpose should be generated after she was produced. This is corresponding to the concept of existence precedes essence.
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