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Jason Shen

We human beings shouldn't be "androids" Empty We human beings shouldn't be "androids"

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:31 am
Everyone has his own value to exist, no matter what his occupation is, how does he looks like, or even if he is special as a “chickenhead”. As long as he has his personal value and own meaning of life, he will have the courage to overcome every difficulty and seize every opportunity to live a better life. However, in the novel and the real world, androids are born with essence. No matter how clever they are, they always serve people instead behaving themselves. That’s the boundary between human beings and androids.

Among the survivors of that miserable war, it is God who let John Isidore survive hard—his distorted genes and failure to pass the minimum mental faculties test made him a “chickenhead”. But God can’t decide how Isidore lives his life, for Isidore is always living with his own meaning of life. Though regarded as a “chickenhead” and “upon him the contempt of three planets descended”, Isidore managed to get a job as a driver instead of a tramp and die independently. Though always discriminated and had to live along in an isolated building, he offered to help when new neighbor moved in. It was his personal value and meaning of life that made him lived such a life: self-esteem, responsibility, sense of justice, and the hope for a better life.

On the other hand, androids such as Rachael Rosen are far cleverer than human beings such as John Isidore, but their existence are with certain essence. Rachael Rosen is used as a sales device for prospective emigrants. In fact, she did her job quite well when she attempted to prove that the Voigt-Kampff scale was wrong. But as soon as she found herself an android, she lost her aim of living. She even offered help to Rick to retire other androids so that herself would be saved. Though there were androids who succeeded in escaping from the Mars, they didn’t have their own meaning of life. They didn’t know what to do. They escaped, hided, but eventually retired by Rick himself. In my opinion, androids don’t have their own personal values for they won’t make any attempts to improve themselves, what they will do is just following instructions or making passive changes. No matter how clever they are, they will always be serving human beings.

All in all, existence before essence is reasonable in the novel and in our daily life. We should always following our own hearts and personal values instead of instructions from others, so that we won’t also be “androids”.
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We human beings shouldn't be "androids" Empty Reply by Eric

on Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:38 pm
I think this argument of Isidore is pretty good. His idea of Isidore being a man with “self-esteem, responsibility, sense of justice, and the hope for a better life” is right from a certain degree. From my point of view, “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” Although many people consider Isidore as a fool, ridiculous character – a “chickenhead”, thinking him as a positive character is an inspiring approach to this novel.
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