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Ming Yin
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Penfield Mood Organ ---- Leila's Journal Prompt Empty Penfield Mood Organ ---- Leila's Journal Prompt

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:10 am
Penfield Mood Organ is a new word to us, which apparently does not exist in the reality. In chapter one, a chapter introducing us the book and the world, this Mood Organ grabbed my eyeballs. Penfield Mood Organ is a device used for manipulating human’s emotions through controlling the chemical balance of their brain. By doing so, human are able to easily change their mood because all they have to do is dial a number and enjoy. For instance, in chapter 1, page 4, Rick suggested his wife dial 3, a mood which stimulates her cerebral cortex into wanting to dial. It seems to be a quite sweet technology – we can immediately change our mood when bump into tragedies. However, this technology brings not only benefits but also other problems. If human have to rely on the Mood Organ to manipulate their emotions, then what’s the difference between human and smart androids? To think deeply about this question, these Mood androids actually turn normal human into androids, programming them like if they are indeed androids. Iran comes up with this idea in Page 17: “My first reaction consisted of being grateful that we could afford a Penfield mood organ. But then I realized how unhealthy it was, sensing the absence of life, not just in this building but everywhere, and not reacting.” If emotions are what make us human so different from androids, why would we give up them anyway? If someday our pets die and we cannot feel empathy for them without Mood Organs, then it must be a true tragedy.
---- Leila
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