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Ming Yin
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Something about existentialism and essence ---- Ming's Journal Prompt Empty Something about existentialism and essence ---- Ming's Journal Prompt

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:36 pm
Existentialism has three main ideas: First, existence precedes essence. This means people are born without essence, purpose, or value and firstly they got existence and then they slowly began to think about essence. Second, the world is absurd. This means the world also appeared absurdly and it’s impossible for people to find the truth. Third, free choice. This means people are entirely free and thus responsible for what they make of themselves.
And then, let’s take a look at the three groups of people in the novel. Firstly, normal people who have standard or even higher intelligence. Obviously, this group of people of course fit the three creed of existentialism. They firstly exist and then find their essence, like Rick became a bounty hunter, and last they enjoy equal human rights, like they can choose whether to migrate to Mars or not and they are responsible for their decision. Secondly, for “chicken heads” with deficiency of intelligence, in my opinion, they don’t have intact essence at all. Although Isidore has a job, but his value cannot be totally realized by the society, or we can say that he is considered disabled who cannot have an intact social essence. And this is just why chicken heads do not have the right to migrate to Mars. Thirdly, for androids, of course they do not have essence at all since to human beings, they are just products. But there’s a serious problem that the human made brains gave androids self-awareness and their own thoughts. So the main conflict of human beings and androids are just humans thought androids as object without essence, but androids think themselves as people who should also have equal rights and essence.
---- Ming Yin
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