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Tony Yu
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Alternating Essence  Empty Alternating Essence

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:24 pm
Existentialist insists that essence comes after existence. In other words, there can’t be essence without existence. Actually, I find the novel correspond this thought. In the novel, androids have similar bodies that are created by companies. They even have thoughts that would change overtime. This could be identify a type of “existence” though androids don’t really live. For some existence of chicken heads like Isidore may not find their essence at first, but for all the essence, including for those of androids all comes after existence.
It’s interesting that I can see existing creatures or objects creating, finding, and alternating their essence overtime. Isidore, who is genetically ill due to WWT and fails to pass the intelligence test, is considered a chicken head. At first, he wakes up every morning and makes ironic mocking himself and seem to live for nothing as no one seems to care about him. He didn’t find his essence of being a human at all. However, after he gets a new neighbor and also solve a crisis with a customer through a phone call, he seems to find his own essence. He finds that he can actually solve problems through communication with other and he can care about someone else personally. Rachel, who is an android and is utilized by Rosen Association, is planted with memory. At first, she doesn’t know actually she is an android. Her essence at that time is to persuade Rick Deckard. However, as “she” finds that she is an android, she escapes from the association and offer help to Rick Deckard to kill other androids probably to keeping herself secure. The essence of Rachel changes from working for a association to preventing herself from being retried. Other Nexus-6 androids also seems to have alternating essence. Though their mind are first programmed, their thought changes as time flows. The essence of those escaping Nexus-6 androids were to serve Human in the past. Later they escaped and travelled to Earth and pretended to live like a human to avoid being captured and being retired. Their essence changes to survive rather than the previous one. From all of the examples listed, we can see that essence of characters, humans or androids, all changes as the surrounding condition changes and time goes.

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