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Kevin HE

KEVIN HE   Do Android sheep  have empathy ? Empty KEVIN HE Do Android sheep have empathy ?

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:51 am
In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, androids, are distinguished from humans by their lack of empathy. This is the basis of the Voigt-Kampff test used to identify androids. Androids fail the test because they do not respond as quickly as humans. However, The android sheep do have empathy from the thinking of these aspects.
The most important use of empathy in the novel is the use of the Voight Kampff's  Empathy test. Rick has used this test many times to determine whether a topic is really a Android. The test includes a series of questions that can cause resonance. If the reaction to a problem changes the emotion of the subject, in a certain period of time, the subject will solve the problem as a person. These emotions were measured by examining the degree of reaction of the subjects. Robots are thought to have no empathy, so they should not pass the test. However, compared with the traditional model, the Nexus 6 model is more like a man of empathy. When Rick first met Rachael, she thought she was a human. After Rick gave her an empathy test, she turned out to be a robot. Interestingly, Rachael in the story later put forward a task to seduce Rick and stop the rogue robot from retiring. Rachael's behavior tells us that she feels other robots. She also felt enough to kill Rick's goats, because Rick seemed to love it more than his own wife.
The opera singer, miss Luft, may sympathy. She is one of the robot's goals on the retired Rick list. Miss Luft love acting, she wants to be accepted and loved by the public. this is the true feature of empathy. The new model of the robot has some evidence to show that they feel, so there is a little bit of empathy.
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