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Mia Mao

things about Phil Resch Empty things about Phil Resch

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:58 am
Existentialism is a term meaning existence before having essence. In fact, all the characters in the story follows this philosophical rule, especially Phil Resch. Phil Resch is a “bounty hunter” working in the “police bureau”—a fake bureau created by many androids serves as cover their real identities. However, he is probably the only android in the bureau that have been implanted long-term memories, so that he fully doesn’t know that he is actually one of the androids that being chasing by himself.
In chapter 11, while Rick was arrested by an officer in the bureau, he asked for taking the test for himself, Phil, and Phil’s boss (another android). However, before that, Phil killed his boss because he deeply believe that he is an android. It is because, in his cognition, androids breach the existentialism. They are not humans, but they act and live as humans, so they shouldn’t  exist in the world, or even have essence, which also means that they breach the cognition human believed.
Plus, Phil ask Rick to test him in Rick’s way someday, because he is confused about the when and how these androids infiltrates the building. However, Rick’s reaction make Phil more suspicious about the things he doesn’t know. If the test outcome shows that Phil is not human, he could probably kill all the people including himself. However, he still want to do the test, because he should first make sure the existence, then do his job greater and have essence.
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