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A brief analysis on existentialism linked with the novel Empty A brief analysis on existentialism linked with the novel

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:29 am
Through the human history, many people reposed their faith on religions, explained the reason for their existence as a will of God. God told us what to do, believing in God is the essence of existence. This can be generalized, not only limited to religions but represent the submissiveness to the common standards, the rules of the society.

After Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche presented the idea of ‘the god is dead’, these people started to question their own explanations. If there is no god, or to be more specific, no a common criterion in the society, how can they define their existence? The existentialists created the concept of existence before essence, to speak frankly, you are the result of your own decision.

In our real world, most of the objects like phones, vehicles are all designed. Their reasons for existence have been given as essences before there are created. But human is different with this kind of object. We can change our purpose of existence based on our free will. What’s more, according to the existentialist, the existence is before essence, so human’s essence is changeable, can be determined by people themselves. In short, we lost the definition of purpose for existence, but we gain the freedom to choose ours owns.

The androids were designed to serve for human on Mars, so they were given the essence as their purpose of being created. So they can not be considered as human, though they exist, but not the product of their own will. This verification can also be applied to the Nexus-6 android. They are the new types but with the same essence. There are little differences between the new type and the old one on intelligence or other stuff, their essence is still the same, serving for the human. Based on the previous demonstration, in the novel, Rachel Rosen can be improved of exist, though a little bit complex to distinguish whether it is life, but never a human
William Pao

A brief analysis on existentialism linked with the novel Empty Reply to Aaron Du

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:36 pm
In this passage, Aaron Du generates an discussion about the relationship between existence and essence and suggests that human beings' existence is changeable through one's experiences, while androids' existence is predefined before they are created. I personally agree with his idea. Additionally, I appreciate that he informs his readers of the old religious thoughts of essence and existence, "God tells us what to do. The God gives us our existence and essence", which is supposed to serve as an attractive introduction to his argument.
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