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Ming Yin
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Hester's Journal Pormpt Empty Hester's Journal Pormpt

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:19 pm
A Central proposition of Existentialism is that existence precedes essence, that is, people can “build “ unique character and decide their own destines instead of “operating” a “designed” pattern of life. Also, they evaluate their value, create the essence instead of justify themselves under others’ comments.

John Isidore is surely a representative that fits the notion of existentialism. He was regarded a chicken-head due to his deficiency of intelligence. Surely, not himself, but the public or experts made this principle. However, Isidore wasn’t “persuaded” by this seemingly- “established” opinion. He never thought himself that stupid and always tried to deny this fact by expressing himself. He attempted to find his value to others. For example, in Chapter6, he met Pris. During the conversation, Isidore was quite active, talking about the TV program he loved and the person he adored. This indicates that Isidore was confident and ignored others’ comment. Also, he volunteered to help Pris move the heavy things. I regard this as a proof that Isidore was trying to find his own value as well as having empathy.

Therefore, with such evidence, we can infer that Isidore’s essence doesn’t change because of his existence as a chicken-head.

I think that the androids in the book do have essence. The most powerful proof is that they sometimes disobey their masters’ commands and try to escape. This indicates that androids are trying to eliminate the influence people have on them. Combining with the theory that “Existence precedes essence”, I suppose that androids’ essence are created after they came into use.

---- Hester
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