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Jake Zhang
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Thought about the concept of Existentialism Empty Thought about the concept of Existentialism

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:23 pm
Existentialists deem that “Existence precedes essence”, which means that a person who was born with no essence and they can only get their own essence, value and meaning of life through their own experience. But whether this sentence is suitable for the androids that in this novel is a question. In the novel, androids are produced by a association which is called Rosen Association and programmed to be labors. But accidentally, some androids are out of control and fled to the earth, disguising as a normal people in the earth and escaping pursuit of bounty hunters whose job are to kill the escaped androids. In my mind, the sentence “Existence precedes essence” is also appropriate for the Androids which can be evinced from the behavior that Raechel did, one Android which is plunged long-term memory that she is human in order to advertise the production of Rosen Association. However, after discovering the reality that she is a android, she decide to help Rick chase his aims, which means that Androids still have their self-consciousness about what they want to do or not. Besides, the self-consciousness also can be indicates from the androids that hide in the San Francisco Police Station. After the using of their own consciousness, they want to lurk themselves as a ordinary people in the earth, which is not programmed by the association but from their own decision, can show the Existentialism that they have. About the performance of Vogit-Kampff test, I think that though the reaction time androids need more, which show that they are not human, they still have the self-consciousness but not the program because they can react with the question. The only difference is the time they need to react, which just like the headchicken can not pass the IQ test. They can not pass the test, but they still are thinking.
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