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Albert Jianglai
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The wicked Prince 2 Empty The wicked Prince 2

on Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:39 pm
The Wicked Prince

Once there was a greedy,mighty king trying to conquer every each of the neighbor countries around them.Indeed,he succeed,but the priest didn’t believe that his power was beyond gods.So there come two wars,the one with the angle and the other with the gnat.However,he was defeated on both wars.

The greedy prince was standing the top of the mountain of man’s world,but he wanted more.He thought he could conquer the heaven.

The Prince:He was greedy,mighty,arrogant,over-confidence,he used his power in a wrong way.He didn’t save the civilian from the war, but to torch them.His overly confidence let him to ignore everything,he also didn’t take the mercy from the angle.Those characteristic led to his failure.
The gnat:Small thing also has big power,the gnat poisoned the prince and defeated him.

1:Never underestimate anything or anyone,because they have their own power.If you think they are useless, it just you haven’t found that value.Just like the gnat in the story,a single,tiny bug could defeat the might prince.It didn’t have the army the prince got,but it used his ability to poison him and defeated him.So it can tell us if you meet someone is bad at grade or something like that,he may be better than you in some other areas.Do not define a thing or person by the appearance.
2:You should accept your failure some time,the prince in the story had already been defeated by god once,i think he fully understood why he didn’t just die,the reason is the god wanted to give him mercy in order let him to be a better man,but he was still obsessive in conquering heaven,so he met the second failure.In the real life , if your parents are short,you definitely could not become as much high as Yao Ming.
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The wicked Prince 2 Empty Re: The Wicked Prince

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:25 pm
Both characters are described and analyzed well but seems to miss some other characters. For example, the priest, what's the purpose of him being in the story? what does he symbolized in our society? Same goes for the angel. The two themes are convincing but how about the motifs? what are the motifs throughout the story? what are some other stories which contain similar motifs?
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The wicked Prince 2 Empty Re: The wicked Prince 2

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:08 am
During the teaching to the seventh graders, I actually received many interesting ideas to the action of the prince. I had asked them what will they do if they were the prince and there is one answer that surprised me a lot. The answer is "why the prince want to conquer the heaven? Did he want to meet his ancestor or what? If I were the prince, and I had such a great flying ship, I will use it for trading, I want to use economics to make my country better." This answer shows how different the modern human thinks different with the ancient people. We are much more civilized and questioning the meaningless war and killing. And this answer also proves that why oral narratives are changing through the time, we are harder and harder to understand the lessons and actions in these stories, they had to be changed in order to keep meaningful and understandable.
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The wicked Prince 2 Empty Re: The wicked Prince 2

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