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on Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:54 pm
What if one day human fail to invent any test that can distinguish androids? Eventually androids will be more and more alike in human beings, as long as they begin to develop their own mind and form their own thoughts and emotions. Whether the androids are able to fully get rid of the control by human depends on that they have their own essence or not. Before the Nexus-6 were invented, the robots were just robots: they only ‘exist’ physically, all of their actions, appearances or maybe personalities were designed by human and under control after they physically exist. In other word, their ‘essence’ is that of the designers, which already existed before they were physically created. In this way, the androids’s ‘essence’ exists before their bodies exist or be created.

As the story unfolds, I start to question myself that are there really any difference between the Nexus-6 androids and real human beings? Even the bounty hunters, who are specialists in detecting and catching androids, face obstacles in recognizing and arresting them. In the story, the protagonist Rick was still tricked and seized by the Nexus-6 robots even if he has some psychological preparation, which proves that the androids have developed their own mind since human would not design a kind of robot to escape from their owners and create trouble. From my perspective, the Nexus-6 androids can be regarded as a new creature which may have their own essence. They started to realize that they do not want to be servants of another species forever and made plans to escape from Mars to Earth. Human aren’t able to control the androids and send them back to Mars, the only thing that the police can do is to kill the escaped androids. But what did the androids do to let them only deserve the outcome of death? Human create them and give them the ability to think independently, while kill them immediately when they do not obey human anymore. This is not what human, who claimed to have empathy, should do; they even do not have empathy for the androids that created by themselves. So I think that the Nexus-6 androids exist both physically and mentally. Their essence is based on their own thoughts, since the androids do not function as what human expect. So far now in the novel, they realize that they do not want to be human’s servants and try to seek independence on the Earth.
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