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Joan R

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on Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:48 pm
Some philosopher claims that the existence proceeded to the essence. Maybe I can think it means that even though existence of human being doesn’t have any meaning but we can choose our essence which kind of person I want to be with freedom. On contrary,the nexus-6 could not decide their characters and their future nonetheless they have already had most of the similar senses and feelings with human merely owning to they are designed by human. It is relatively unfair and partial that we formulate a standard to test whether a living is human being.
Otherwise, when Dick was arrested by the officer Cram into the parallel offices, I nearly altered my precise thoughts into the perception that Dick is andys who possesses fake memory as well. What if he cannot pass the Voight-Kampff test for the severe environment which had already destroyed his brain and nervous systems? Or probably he belongs to the higher level of android which used to confuse the world. Both hypothesizes will mislead the values of Dick because his duty and responsibility becomes a sort of experiment which controlled by engineers. In fact, we cannot judge what we are, but we ought to which kind of life to live. And we could learn some spirits-persistence from the androids who want a bit more time to exist in the world.
I think, so I am.
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