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Symbolic meaning in Kite Runner  Empty Symbolic meaning in Kite Runner

on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:04 pm
In every stories we read, everything that appeared must appear for a reason, and in Kite Runner, one of the object that appears multiple time is the pomegranate tree.
Usually the tree in the story will represent steadiness, life, and credibility and so on. In the book Kite Runner, I think that the pomegranate tree doesn't fit in these kinds of symbols, but I believe the tree in this book represent the friendship between Amir and Hasaan.
In the book, the narrator told us that Amir and Hasaan curved their name on the tree, and I believe that this meant their friendship would last forever because tree usually has the meaning of life and consistency. However, from the part we have read, which is at Chapter 10, the friendship between Amir and Hasaan don't exist anymore, either is because of Amir won't forgive himself or because of Hasaan can't forgive Amir, which is less possible. So the tree right can be protrayed as it has grown a new layer on top of Amir and Hasaan's name, and their friendship has been covered by something else, whether is Assef or Amir's pride. But in my opinion, even the tree has covered up its new layer, the curving inside will never disappeat, and the only thing they need to do is to peel off the layer outside their name, then the friendship will return. This means that if Amir and Hasaan are willing to fight back their obstacles, their friendship will eventually return.
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Symbolic meaning in Kite Runner  Empty Re: Symbolic meaning in Kite Runner

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:28 pm
I liked the part you said their friendship will return if Amir can peel off the layers that cover their friendship. I wonder, though, about how Hassan would respond to Amir's confession and apology if he does make one. Will he resent Amir because he finally came to the understanding that he was nothing to Amir although he did everything to protect Amir? Or will he still show his 'guiless devotion'?

Also, if friendship can never disappear, so is Amir's sin and guiltiness. As a weak child, he pushed Hassan away to cover his sin and guiltiness in the 'tree'. However, the guiltiness will not disappear because it is still there. Amir would always suffer from this unless he has the courage to peel the layers off and cure the sins by apologizing to Hassan--something he always wanted to do but never had the courage to. Only so can he live a wholesome life and become a real adult. An adult, as opposed to a child, has the courage to take the responsibility for what they do.
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