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Boundary of Human and android:exist or not Empty Boundary of Human and android:exist or not

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:07 pm
Undoubtedly,this novel presents us an intense debate about what distinguishes human and android.For the aim to resolve the possible riddles of the identifying criteria of humans,existentialism should be taken into consideration.The two main key points of existentialism are existence precedes essence and people are entitled to find the essence of themselves.
Let's turn our attention back to the novel and see how this philosophical concept correlates to the novel.In the confrontation between Rick and Luba Luft. One of the cunning techniques implemented by Luba Luft to evade herself from imprisonment of Rick is to insist that Rick is an android with implanted memory.So in this case ,the subject of discussion is the memory of a person .Or in other word,the experience and value of a person is the center of this discussion here.The full picture of the controversy elucidates now.We all know that androids are increasingly evolving now.But whether androids would emerge a sense of value or pursuing goal is not guaranteed.Had not this crucial question been settled,the debate over the boundary of human would not produce a authentic answer.But looking from another len,we could find out that we human have the freedom to chase our own will,disregard of the pre-determined externalities. Well,for current androids,they are all programmed in certain extents (in-depth learning is a more sophisticated algorithms in essence).Though androids with Nexus-6 brain have the awareness to pursue freedom and protect themselves from external attack,the ultimate developed state of androids can't be well-predicted.We can't ensure that androids would not possess enough consciousness to elevate themselves to the height of being a new species.But with unceasingly progress in technology,the boundary would gradually blur and incite every one of us to ponder on our meanings of existence,which goes all the way back to existentialism.We ought to seek for meanings of existences by ourselves.
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Boundary of Human and android:exist or not Empty Re: Boundary of Human and android:exist or not

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:49 am
I agree with Lucas that we can’t be sure so far whether androids have essence or not. Androids are all created by humans so they all have specific functions designed in advance. However, since existence may precede essence, it’s not impossible that androids can find their own meaning and pursue their freedom. For example, Rachel, an android, wants to help Rick with his task since she fears that she would be eliminated by bounty hunters.
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